Read the Novel Jurassic Park Instead of the Movie

Read the Novel Jurassic Park Instead of the Movie

There’s no doubts about it that the movie Jurassic Park was an excellent film and a huge success along with all of the sequels, but what are the differences between jurassic park the book and jurassic park the movie? Most readers know that when Hollywood takes a book over to make into a movie that some of the most important things get kept out or changed which can turn the movie into something completely different.

Jurassic Park the Book

Famous author and writer, Michael Crichton, wrote one of his most famous pieces of work, Jurassic Park. It is a sci-fi novel that is based on genetic engineering. He had written other sequels to the book as well. Steven Spielberg took the book and made it into a movie in 1993.

Differences Between the Book and the Movie

One of the biggest differences between the book and the movie was the book incorporated the Procompsognathus dinosaur. In the movie, the use of this type of dinosaur were dropped as many claim affected the plot.

The novel depicts Dr. Grant as being a lover of children where in the movie he does not like them. This is something that’s very subtle, but when readers of the book saw the movie, they noticed the difference immediately.

A Stegosaurus was used in the book when Dr. Ellie left the tour to attend to it. In the movie a different type of dinosaur was used. Again, this is something very subtle that one the reader would know but important to them and the plot of the film as different dinosaurs had certain traits.

Muldoon blows up one of the dinosaurs with a bazooka in the book. In the movie, this did not happen. It would not make sense to use a mass weapon of destruction like so. Besides, who has one of these handy to take on dinosaurs? A bazooka is not as accessible as a gun or other type of weapon.

There were moments in the book and movie that stayed the same such as Nerdy’s death. There was a slight difference but not enough to ruin the parallel. If you’ve read the book, then you might want to go back and rewatch the movie again.

If you’ve got the time or your professor is begging you to read the novel, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, you should do so then watch the movie so you can spot the differences. You’ll be able to spot them instantly whether they are subtleties or not.