What Kind of Fish Lived in the Jurassic Era?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for Flannel Fishermen to fish during the Jurassic Period? What kind of fish do you thing would you pull with your best ice fishing rod? The Jurassic period was a unique era in history in that it was during this time that dinosaur reign as ruler of the world. Their will was unquestioned and they eat all kinds of prey without being stopped. But while dinosaur roamed the dry land, there are pre-historic fishes that rule the water as well. This is the subject of out interest.

Some Pre-Historic Fishes of the Jurassic Era

Below is a sampling of some of the fishes that roam the world during the Jurassic period. Amazingly, these fishes are still alive today. Although they are relegated to the curiosity of fish and aquarium enthusiast, they swam with the greatest back in the days.

  1. Hagfish—It roamed the world around 300 million years ago, this fish was already old when the dinosaur saw the light of day. Found only in really deep waters, we call this fish today as slime eel.

  2. Lancetfish—The teeth and the over all appearance of the Lancetfish will tell you right off the bat that this is indeed a pre-historic animal. It can grow up to 6 feet and 6 inches in length, even its scientific name (Alepisaurus ferox) would already suggest an affinity with the dinosaur.

  3. Arowana—A very familiar fish among aquarium enthusiasts, who would think that this fish swam with the might dinosaur? Today, the arowana can be found in the Amazon, Asia, Australia and parts of Africa. If you have tried raising this fish in an aquarium you will not question its Jurassic origin because this fish can grow up really big and is capable of jumping really high into the air.

  4. Frilled Shark—If you’re looking for the ancient of ancients, the Frilled shark is a likely candidate. One of the most primitive of sharks, this deep sea predator hailed from the Cretaceous period. This fish hardly posts any danger to human beings since it spends most of its time in really deep waters and it feeds mostly on squid.

  5. Sturgeon—Favorite for grilling, but are you aware that you’re eating a relic when you eat sturgeon? Also the favorite source of caviar, this fish is in great danger of getting extinct due to over fishing. This fish can grow up to six meters long and comparable in size to the great white shark.

  6. Arapaima—A close relative of the arowana, this Amazonian relic is considered to be the biggest fresh water fish in the world. Although seldom found to grow this as big nowadays, an Araipana can grow to as large as 2 meters in the wild.

Sometimes called living fossils, these fishes gives us a glimpse of what life was like during the Jurassic Period. It was far from tame, as what the beauty of these fishes would suggest. It was a time where only the fittest would survive while the rest are just their preys.

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