When the original movie Jurassic Park came out way back in the 90’s it was a HUGE blockbuster.  It lead to a whole series of movies including one that came out just over a year ago.  It appealed to a wide variety of audiences, kids loved the dinosaurs and the adults loved the action.

The original movie introduced some pretty interesting scientific concepts that were pretty new at the time, the whole idea of DNA and cloning.  Now 20 years later that science isn’t so far fetched.  Thus giving the movie a whole resurgence and a new generation of fans.

In case you’re too young to have seen the original movie, you should hop onto Netflix and check it out.  However, you should also take the time and read the book, the author Michael Crichton actually had a medical degree and studied molecular biology so the science is pretty sound.

Try both of them, you will be completed entertained.